After 14 years of hiding her natural hair under a wig, news anchor Melanie Lawson decided it was time to bare it all. In an essay written on her network’s website, Lawson revealed that it was time to accept herself and to teach her daughter about natural beauty. In her essay, Melanie explained:

“I got over the initial embarrassment of having fake hair and decided this was it! The culture embraced the extensions like they were mine. I straightened my kinky edges with heat to blend with the fake hair that was silky and straight. It worked for years – until it didn’t.”


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I’m now really – Natural. News. Mom. That’s me! #naturalhairstyles #naturalista #curlyhair #curlygirl #blackmagic #majorminor

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Melanie also posted on Instagram stating “I’m now really – Natural. News. Mom. That’s Me! #naturalhairstyles #naturalista #curlygirl #blackmagic #majorminor



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