A viral video posted during the week allegedly showed Pastor David E. Wilson giving some tongue action on a female member of his church. Pastor Wilson has been in the church for over 40 years and apparently has been doing more with his members than giving the word of god.

Pastor Wilson claims he is ‘a motivator who loves to see lives transformed to the glory of god’. But his methods of getting people to convert may be a bit unconventional. After his video has been seen by millions around the world, Pastor Wilson has made his first official statement during his Sunday morning Service at Bible Way Ministries in Texarkana, Texas.

“I want to start this Sunday off by apologizing. Even though I am a pastor, I am a man with needs first. I admit I have a problem when it comes to beautiful black woman and I am working on this battle with god by my side. I never meant for this footage to be released and for that I’m sorry. All I ask is for the lord’s strength and forgiveness during my struggles”.



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