Barbie has recently designed a doll after a judge and she has gone viral after posting herself next to the figure. Judge Shequitta Kelly posted to her Facebook:

Dear little black girl,

Imagine losing a parent at 5
Imagine being raised in a single parent home
Imagine getting pregnant at 15
Imagine being the first one to go to college
Imagine graduating with two degrees
Imagine going to law school
Imagine becoming a lawyer
Imagine becoming a judge
Imagine having a little doll that looks like you.
Just imagine…

When I was a little girl. I use to beg my sister to play barbies with me. We couldn’t afford the big barbie house so I built mine out of shoeboxes. My barbie had a makeshift water bed that I made out of a zip lock bags full of water. I imagined her doing so many things..owning a car…having a family…making tons of money. But I never imagined that one day she’d be me. #barbie



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