Inmates Sneak Kush, a Zaxbys Platter & a Pitbull inside of their Prison Cell!!!

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Inmates in a Georgia prison seem to be living their best life while incarcerated. Somehow they have managed to sneak a pit bull puppy, Zaxby's dinners, and sums of marijuana into their cell. How they manage ...

Teacher Gives Student a Haircut Before Class So Bullies Wouldn’t Pick on Him!!!

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A teacher out of Macon, Georgia is being praised all over social media for taking the time before class to give one of his students a haircut.  The teacher in mention is Major Jones. Mr. Jones asked one of his stu...

Owner of The Shade Room Plans to Sue Cardi B For Making Threats On Instagram!!!

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Owner of 'theshaderoom' plans on suing rapper Cardi B after alleged threats were made on a video posted on Cardi's Instagram page. The video has since been deleted soon after it was posted on Wednesday. The Shade ...

Too Funny: Ape Uses A Smart Phone To Browse IG Videos!

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Joe Biden Announces Run for President With Obama as Possible VP!!!

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Former Vice President Joe Biden officially declared his candidacy for president in 2020, verifying weeks of speculation from various media outlets. He competes against a crowded group of Democratic contenders with...

Inmate Starts His Own Clothing Line While in Prison!!!

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